Tablecloth Rentals

Taylor Rental Party Plus is your one-stop solution for all your equipment and decorating needs. As part of our comprehensive party rental solutions, we offer a large selection of tablecloth rentals for your event. If you are looking for that finishing touch for your party, wedding or any other event, then search through our vast inventory of tablecloths. From polkadot and polylace to satin and velvet, we have the tablecloth rental that fits your design and budget. Plus, our team serves all of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts, so we can deliver your rental equipment to your event location.

Linen Rentals

At Taylor Rental, we understand that you want to make a statement with your marquee event, which means attending to all of the details like the linens. For that reason, we offer a large selection of linen rentals that helps ensure that your party aesthetics are exactly as you have in mind. For example, from a classic awning design to a rugged burlap feeling, we offer a wide range of linen rentals that work for everything from weddings to backyard cookouts.

Table Linen Rentals

Are you looking to make a statement at your next fundraiser, party, or wedding? If so, consider how table linen rentals will put the final touch on your event decor. From elegant tablecloths for wedding rentals to glimmering linens for a special touch, look to Taylor Rental for your table linen rental needs.

Linen Party Rentals

At Taylor Rental, we take pride in our work and our history in this space has allowed us to be able to handle any event. As a local party company, we offer linen party rental near you. Additionally, and most importantly, our goal is to provide superior customer service and delivery of quality products. At Taylor Rental Party Plus, we can equip you with all of your party rental needs, including linen party rentals.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us or call 860-467-1688 and learn how we can help with your party, festival, fundraiser, or any other event rental needs.