Heating and Cooling Rentals

Are you looking for heating and cooling rentals for your outdoor dining area, your next fair, festival, or party, or for your front porch? From outdoor heaters to propane tanks, Taylor Rental can provide you all the necessary requirements to keep your guests comfortable. We offer a vast array of equipment to provide ultimate comfort for your guests, no matter the season or the weather. If you are looking for heating and cooling rental equipment, Taylor Rental serves all of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

Patio Heater Rentals

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that sitting outside on a beautiful night, enjoying a nice meal, drinking with friends, or just watching the sunset, can make for a nice evening. However, you do not want your guests to be cold as they sit outside. Taylor Rental offers patio heater rentals so that your guests can sit outdoors comfortably, no matter the season. Restaurants can space these heaters to warm each table, party planners can place these patio heaters across a wide space for people to socialize comfortably, and homeowners can use one or two heaters as they sit and chat with their friends.

Outdoor Heater Rental

If you are hosting a bigger festival or wedding, you want guests to celebrate in comfort even as they are outdoors. If you are looking for an outdoor heater rental near me, Taylor Rental offers outdoor heaters that are appropriate for tents and larger spaces throughout Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. With three different tent heaters, your guests can celebrate outdoors without sacrificing warmth or comfort thanks to Taylor Rental.

Umbrella Rentals

As you prepare to offer alfresco dining or a night under the stairs on your porch, the outdoor temperatures are not the only aspect you need to consider; you also need to plan for rain. Taylor Rental has you covered with umbrella rentals to keep your guests warm and dry from any type of inclement weather. Not only does Taylor Rental’s umbrella rentals keep everyone dry, but they are also aesthetically pleasing for your dining patio or front porch.

Propane Tank Refills

It is clear that party planning and running a restaurant or hospitality space takes a lot of planning. Taylor Rental wants to help you by offering convenient and fast service. For example, Taylor Rental offers propane refills and propane tank rentals in Connecticut. Compared to our competitors, we offer less expensive propane refills. Plus, you can save money by refilling your propane tanks with Taylor Rental!

Taylor Rental is a Connecticut and Western Massachusetts local event specialist. We offer heating and cooling rentals, as well as concession rentals, beverage serving rentals, and food vending rentals. Taylor Rental can provide you with any necessary concession rental supplies for your party, fair, festival, alfresco dining opportunities, or any event. Pick-up and delivery are available.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us or call 860-467-1688 and learn how we can help with your party, festival, fundraiser, or any other event rental needs.

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