Tool Rentals

Taylor Rental Party Plus is your one-stop solution for all your equipment and party rental needs. As part of our comprehensive rental solutions, we offer a large selection of tool rentals. Look to Taylor Rental for your next DIY home project. For example, we offer a variety of flooring equipment rentals, along with carpenter tools for your next project. Additionally, we offer a large selection of lawn and garden equipment rentals for spring cleanups and lawn maintenance.

Equipment Rentals

Did you know that Taylor Rental offers equipment rentals near you (in addition to our vast inventory of party rentals)? As a result, we can help prepare your home and lawn for your next gathering or simply provide that missing tool to complete your next project around the house. Our inventory of equipment rentals includes everything from standard contractor tools to speciality painting tools and even plumbing tools.

Moving Rentals

Moving is a hassle, but Taylor Rental makes the process easier by offering essential moving equipment rentals you need to get the job done. In addition to the pain of packing and unpacking, hiring professional movers can be quite pricey. As a result Taylor Rental provides professional moving equipment at affordable rental prices that will help you complete your move as efficiently as possible. If you have a pending move, then Taylor Rental offers our moving rentals throughout Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

Power Tool Rentals

Many people want to complete some home improvement projects, but can find it expensive to buy the right equipment. At Taylor Rental, we can help by offering power tool rentals that let you finish your project with the right tools at rental prices. If you want a job done, then you want it done right, so work with our team to rent the power tools you need for your next DIY project.

At Taylor Rental, we take pride in our work and our history in this space has allowed us to be able to handle all types of rental needs. As a local event rental company, this includes tool rentals! Most importantly, our goal is to provide superior customer service and delivery of quality products.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us or call 860-467-1688 and learn how we can help with tool rental needs.